Does Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Work for Cancer?

 Does Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) Work for Cancer?

Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), an oil derived from the flowers of the cannabis (marijuana) plant, is gaining popularity online among cancer patients.

There is no substantial evidence to support it. However, a preliminary study reveals that certain compounds in marijuana have future potential as a cancer treatment ( THC )

Cannabis oil comes in a variety of forms and compositions. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which is commonly found in medicinal marijuana, is one of these.

Unlike many other cannabis oils, Rick Simpson Oil contains a high concentration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. THC is the molecule in marijuana responsible for the “high.” and treating cancer. 

Who is Rick Simpson? 

According to online accounts, Simpson is a Canadian engineer and cannabis activist. Following a terrible fall, he discovered that marijuana relieved his dizziness and other afflictions.

Simpson later utilized cannabis oil as a therapy for basal cell skin tumors on his arm. According to reports, his skin cancers disappeared.

It was from there on out that Simpson began cultivating his own cannabis and creating his own specialized form of cannabis concentrated, now known as Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).

A popular cannabis information site known as Leafly Notes had this to say about him; “It became his mission and goal to distribute cannabis oil to those who needed it. 

” Simpson” would go on to treat more than 5,000 patients with his RSO while facing continuous arrest, persecution, and raids. To this day, Simpson continues to spread the word about his findings.

What Exactly Is Rick Simpson Oil?

RSO is an oil by washing cannabis buds in a solvent, such as pure light naphtha, then boiling out the solvent and leaving the oil behind.

Simpson describes how to manufacture his own oil on his website.

However, for those who find the process of creating one challenging, we have made some rso oil available for sale, with the prices covering simply the expense of producing the oil.


The average person takes about 90 days to consume the entire 60-gram or 60-ml oil treatment. I recommend starting with three doses per day, roughly the size of half a grain of short-grained dry rice.

The patient should take this amount every 8 hours, first in the morning, then again in the afternoon, and finally, around an hour before night, they should take their final dose of the day.

It should also be noted that when a patient begins to drink this oil, the patient usually does not feel the effects of the oil until approximately an hour after taking their dosage, so please be aware of this fact. A beginner’s dose like the one I’m describing would be around 14 of a drop.

Most people are able to raise their doses after four days at this dosage, which should be taken three times a day, by doubling the amount of their medication every four days.

Many people have indicated that by following this easy process, they did not experience the euphoria that this oil can cause. However, no two people are alike, and we all have various tolerances, so some people will be able to increase their dosages faster than others.

In truth, even if a person becomes what is usually described as high, this will not hurt them in any way if the oil they are swallowing was made from the sedative strains of Indica, which I advocate, and the resulting oil was produced properly.

Can RSO be used to treat cancer?

Cannabis oils containing THC may assist persons undergoing chemotherapy to regulate nausea and vomiting. There’s also evidence that they can help with pain and appetites.

However, there is no evidence that rick Simpson oil or other types of cannabis oil can treat cancer. But, some preliminary research on the use of THC to treat cancer has proved promising.

THC and other cannabis compounds have been shown in animal and laboratory tests to inhibit tumor growth. These laboratory investigations focused on cells associated with lung, skin, breast, prostate, and other malignancies.

They discovered that cannabis could, in some situations, prevent cancer cells from spreading.

THC and other cannabis chemicals have been shown in various studies to kill cancer cells while leaving healthy cells unaffected.


Positive Side Effects

In addition to cancer, RSO is said to also treat:

Multiple sclerosis





High blood pressure



Negative Effects

  • High
  • Sleeping issues

However, these side effects normally only last a few hours and do not pose any serious health hazards.

The most serious risk of RSO is that there is little proof that it adequately treats cancer. 

Can you smoke or dab RSO?

As RSO is an oil, it can be smoked or dabbed, however, it depends on what solvent was used to make it—if a highly flammable solvent was used, do not attempt to smoke or dab RSO.

Always check with your bud-tender on how the product was created and whether or not it is safe to dab or smoke.RSO 10 GRAMS

Other Medical Applications of Cannabis

Many states and the District of Columbia have approved medical marijuana. It has been shown to alleviate pain, nausea, and other symptoms.

There are also medical advantages to using cannabis oil (Rick Simpson oil). Some CBD oils, mainly those containing THC, have been found in studies to help manage some types of seizures in persons with epilepsy. Some CBD-containing medications have been licensed by the FDA for seizure therapy.

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